Selling a Business

You have decided to sell your business, now what? Selling a business is a major decision, and a complex process in which you will want the absolute best professional guidance you can get. This is when you should contact a NOBBA business broker. Business Brokers are experts trained in the sale of businesses. Working with a NOBBA business broker can mean the difference between just getting rid of the business and selling it for the highest competitive price with the best possible structure.

The selling of a business is a full-time job! and a NOBBA business broker manages the entire process so the business owner can continue to focus on running their business as usual. The business broker will provide advice concerning the valuing of the business, keep careful control that confidentiality is maintained at all times, professionally package the business for sale into an offering memorandum and market the business to potential buyers. NOBBA business brokers will certainly have great connections with experienced attorneys, accounting experts, business finance specialists, and other professionals needed to consummate the transaction. The broker will negotiate on your behalf handling communications between all parties, and will assist in the buyer’s due diligence process. In the end, the broker’s goal is to bring the seller to the table with the buyer for a smooth closing of the transaction.

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Here are the Basic Steps to Selling a Business:

Step 1

Initial Consultation: Discussion of the seller’s goals and the broker’s process.

Step 2

Gathering of key business information.

Step 3

Determine the value of the business, often with a certified appraisal or educated Opinion of Value analysis report.

Step 4

Confidentially, Strategically and Professional Market the business to potential buyers.

Step 5

Qualify and screen all potential buyers while coordinating confidentiality agreements.

Step 6

Control the flow of information, mediate negotiations, and supervise the buyer’s due diligence.

Step 7

Coordinate, present, and provide advice on all offers regarding the structure of the sale.

Step 8

Manage the buyer’s due diligence process, and coordinate with attorneys and other business professionals involved.

Step 9

Assist the buyer with financing, landlord negotiations, real estate, an other details of the transaction.

Step 10

Plan the closing procedures and prepare all parties for the transition phase.

Thinking of Selling?

As you can see from the steps above selling a business takes a tremendous amount of time, coordination, and skill. When you are considering the sale of your busines call a NOBBA business broker with the training and knowledge to make your sale a success. Review NOBBA’s business broker members here.