Thank You to Our Sponsors

Sponsorship Information

Similar to many of the other state and regional IBBA affiliate Business Brokerage associations, NOBBA relies upon the donations of our sponsors to supplement the membership fees. Without our sponsors, the design and maintenance of a web site such as this one would not be possible. NOBBA has had many sponsors over the years including banks and non-bank lenders, accounting firms, law firms, title companies and even business brokerage organizations.

NOBBA’s goal has always been to encourage our membership as well as our clients to utilize the services of sponsors when possible. Sponsors are featured on the NOBBA website as well as mentioned in each meeting. We are happy to display logos and graphics from our sponsors within our meetings. Sponsors are always asked to address the association at least once during the year if they choose to do so and sometimes will lead the majority of one of our monthly meetings. Sponsors will also receive at least one free membership to the association and that member will receive all of the benefits of membership including a unique member profile.

Interested in Sponsoring NOBBA?

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Sponsorship Levels

Our association has 3 levels of sponsorship as well as the opportunity to sponsor our annual holiday event. Sponsorship packages currently range from as low as $700 to $2,000. The specific details of each sponsorship package will be discussed with the potential sponsor. Those organizations wanting more information about sponsorship of NOBBA should inquire with the President of the association.

  • Diamond Level EXCLUSIVE Sponsorship
  • Ruby Level Sponsorship
  • Emerald Level Sponsorship
  • Holiday Event Sponsorship