2023 Ohio Business Brokers Spring Conference

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2023 Ohio Business Brokers Spring Conference

NOBBA & OBBA came together for Ohio’s Premier Business Brokerage event on Thursday April 20th in Ashland Ohio.  We had nearly 70 people in attendance!
The event was sponsored by Blue & Co. CPA’sCredit Bench, a division of Bayfirst Bank, and KIKO Realtors, Auctioneers, and Advisors. The event featured Monty Walker of Walker Business Advisory in Wichita Texas. Monty’s understanding of transactional structure is second to none, and we were fortunate to have this well-known IBBA teacher and trainer right here in Ohio! Our other featured presenter was Dr. Stacy Feiner, a high-performance psychologist, entrepreneur, investor, and mother who advises business owners and advisers pursuing excellence.  Dr. Feiner discussed how to leverage the psychology in human capital to select the right deals and to complete deals faster. Remove friction, improve terms, expedite time frames, increase returns. Elevate people dynamics and achieve better results.
Special thanks to Emmet Apolinario, President of the OBBA, Kylene Golubski, Executive Director of the IBBA, Margaret Jordan & Gary Burden of KIKO, Bob Evans of Blue & Co., Jeff Smith of Credit Bench, NOBBA’s Board of Directors (who assisted greatly in recruiting attendees and lining up potential speakers), Dr. Stacy Feiner, and of course Monty Walker who stole the show!
This event has taken place
When: Thursday, April 20th
Coffee, Donuts & Networking:  9:15am
Conference: 10:00am - 3:00pm
Place: Hampton Inn & Suites
2055 E Main St., Ashland, Ohio 44805
(Quick access via 71 North)
This event has taken place.

Thank you to our Sponsors!