May 25th "Keeping Your Eye on the Horizon" with Marilyn Landis

Marilyn D. Landis is the President & CEO of Basic Business Concepts, Inc., a multifaceted service firm providing the support to keep businesses financially balanced, on track and growing. “We provide entrepreneurs access to affordable CFO-level skills that are customized to their unique business” The CFO focuses on strategy and risk and is the forward thinking financial resource to the management team. In this role, Landis has over fifteen years of experience working with small businesses across all industries nationwide, providing financial CFO leadership. Directly, and with her team, she has enabled clients to improve their financial resilience through sound financial planning, improved financial reporting, enhanced cash flow management and improved funding options.

Keeping Your Eye on the Horizon
                What: May Meeting                   When: Wed, May 25th
Time: 11:45am–1:15pm

Location: Melt Bar & Grilled, 6700 Rockside Road, Independence

Marilyn Landis