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Richard K. Heiser

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I am a business attorney in Cleveland, Ohio whose law practice is focused on the legal needs of entrepreneurs, small to medium size businesses and individuals with legal needs related to business matters.  Specifically, my law practice is focused on business and employment contracts, leases, business transactions, entity formation and franchise matters.   The three pillars of my law practice are:

  • Top Quality Work
  • At A Fair Price
  • With Outstanding Client Service

I am a very thorough, detailed and precise attorney with respect to the preparation of legal documents.  Outstanding client service is also very important to me with respect to technical legal work undertaken on behalf of clients, responsiveness and attentiveness to the needs and concerns of clients and keeping clients at all times informed on the status of legal matters during the course of my legal representation of clients.

Richard K. Heiser
Richard K. Heiser

Attorney At Law, LLC
14348 Cedar Road #103

Cleveland, Ohio 44121
(216) 212-9367