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Michael Ellis

Michael Ellis

As a corporate transactions attorney, I am often in a position, whether in an acquisition setting, a capital raise, or a situation between two partners, where it’s my job to create mutually beneficial solutions. Through my experience handling mergers & acquisitions, early stage venture capital, and corporate securities law, I’ve learned to not only identify problems, but I find creative ways to resolve issues that ensures all parties achieve favorable results.

The value I deliver to my clients stems from having over 40 years of experience working directly with business owners to accomplish their goals. I view each transaction from my client’s perspective so I am able to find a solution in a cost-effective and timely manner while anticipating his or her needs. I pride myself on listening to, and spending time with, my clients. Rather than focusing only on the legal issues, I examine the business, personal and legal factors enabling me to propose and achieve reasonable resolutions for all parties so neither side feels like they’ve lost.

Michael A. Ellis

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