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Jake has over 20+ years of business experience in engineering, operations, product development, innovation, finance, and commercialization of products. He holds many patents on products that exist in over 10,000 major retailers across the United States. He also has experience in large M&A transactions, including a very successful private equity exit in May 2022.

He started his career in a small factory as a press operator in Findlay, OH, as a "temporary" summer job, which turned into a long successful career in manufacturing and product development. He held every position on the factory floor as he worked hard to advance in the company while going back to school from 2009-2015 to get his Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering while working full time and starting a family. He played a significant role in growing the company from ~$2-3M in annual revenue in 2004 before the company experienced unprecedented growth after the downturn in 2008 to over half a billion dollars today, which led to a recent and successful Private Equity exit in May of 2022. He held many roles that oversaw the company's New Product Development, Innovation, and Engineering. He holds many patents and trademarks that relate to plastic storage totes, plastic shelving, plastic trash cans, and plastic work supports categories sold at The Home Depot, Lowe's, Walmart, Amazon, and Sam's Club. The company he worked for is the original founder of the "Black & Yellow" storage containers.

Jake Whitta, President
Transworld Business Advisors of Northwest Ohio
Cell (419) 957-8200