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Gary Gillett

Gary Gillett

I received my undergraduate degree from Vanderbilt University, and my JD from The Ohio State University Law School.

I have been practicing law in Columbus, Ohio for over 35 years. I worked at several law firms before opening my own practice in 2010 in downtown Columbus. The focus of my practice has been on assisting businesses that have liquor permits, including restaurants, bars and convenience stores. I have represented parties in the purchase and sale of businesses and real estate, liquor licensing and renewal matters, sales tax and audit matters, and liquor citations. I have also handled many different types of business matters, including forming businesses, and reviewing and drafting of leases. I have also represented my clients in a variety of commercial litigation matters.

I am a member of the Columbus Bar Association, Ohio State Bar Association, ABA, the Ohio Business Brokers Association (OBBA) and the Northern Ohio Business Brokers Association (NOBBA). I am admitted to the Ohio Bar and the Bar for the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Ohio.

Gary Gillett
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