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Gary Burden

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Gary is a native of Ohio. He holds a Bachelors of Science with a major in Systems Engineering and a minor in Leadership from the United States Military Academy.  Even though Gary accomplished his goals of becoming an Airborne Ranger, he left the military after he realized that our nation's future hinges more on information and finance than it does on military power.

After seeing the financial landscape through four financial planning firms, Gary opted out of the traditional financial advisory approach in 2007 and independently founded Financial Stewardship Group, whose mission is "to sow the seeds of financial freedom through wise financial counsel, one person and one business at a time."  Gary's early marketing efforts as a solo practitioner resulted in the sale of four businesses in just eighteen months.

Gary joined Ohio Valley Business Advisors to collaborate in helping family owned businesses maximize their God given resources throughout the transfer process.  His efforts are focused on market analysis, positioning and networking to broaden the scope of the business owner's opportunities.

Gary has earned his Certified Financial Planning designation. He served as the Treasurer for the West Point Society of Northern Ohio for nineteen years and he was recognized with the Paul Harris award for his service in Rotary.

Gary currently resides in Hiram, Ohio with his wife, Jennifer, and their six children. Gary and Jennifer home school and operate a small family farm where they have raised grass fed beef, dairy goats and pastured poultry. Gary's hobbies include reading, backpacking and preparedness. Their family attends the Church at Troy, an unregistered Baptist church.

Gary Burden
Business Transfer Specialist

Ohio Valley Business Advisors
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Hiram, Ohio 44234