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Dan Lauletta

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When I started out going door-to-door as a young financial advisor, I quickly learned that most people were not interested in the benefits of life insurance (call me green). What I did come to realize is that people needed more than insurance; they needed financial advice and guidance to help them achieve their goals. I became passionate about understanding my client’s vision for the future and what it is they wanted to accomplish. Over the last few decades I’ve really honed my process and today I always start out by understanding my clients values, vision and goals. Knowing that I’m helping people get to where they want to go is what makes this work so rewarding.

I am a volunteer with a variety of non-profit organizations, always looking for ways to make a difference in the world. When I’m not giving back to the community, I enjoy getting out on the golf course. My favorite way to relax is to gather with friends and family at a nice restaurant. Above all, I am passionate about helping others and finding ways to better the lives of all those around me.

I have two caring and talented children. Emily Lauletta is a feminist activist, scholar, and journalist. Her work has been published in academic journals such as Cal Poly’s sprinkle, as well as in BUST magazine. She is currently pursing her MA in applied gender studies at Claremont Graduate University in Claremont, CA, about thirty miles outside of Los Angeles. Her research focuses include feminist media studies, feminist counterpublics, and reproductive justice. In her free time she enjoys creating zines and collecting records. Anthony Lauletta is a director of business development and brand partnerships in the music industry, based in Los Angeles, CA. For the last 8 years, Anthony’s dedication to growing and scaling music businesses, specifically in the media and live events space, has provided numerous organizations with a proven track for success. Currently, Anthony oversees the strategic growth and development of iconic music media brand Alternative Press.

Dan Lauletta
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