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Rob Simon


A fan of business (I started reading the business section of the newspaper in the seventh grade and, yes, M&A articles had a big interest) and a fan of sports (admittedly I was reading the sports section of the newspaper before the business section), competing to succeed by helping others is the goal.

My time has been spent in Cleveland except for 9 school age years growing up in North Carolina and my 4 years at Ohio University. I met my wife of 32 years, Beth, at Ohio U. It was a very good 4 years there! We have two children- Jonathan a Doctor of Physical Therapy in Morgantown, WV and Emily, a researcher in pharmaceutical chemistry at the University of Florida in Gainesville, FL.  Beth serves developmental and behavioral delayed children.

My career spanned 33 years in the moving and storage business, Mills Van Lines.  From working as a mover and driver during every college break that I had to being the CFO of the businesses for 21 years. I was involved in all parts of the businesses and had special projects that created breadth and depth in responsibilities.  In 2019, the bug to do and to try a new avenue bit.  I started in a business called SharpCFO which offered fractional CFO services to small businesses.  My experience fit doing this in consultative mode for small businesses.  In 2020, Vend Advisors was started. The focus was to provide CFO services to small business owners who were planning the transition and sale of the business.  Services of Vend Advisors included the advisory and transaction for the sale of the business. In 2021, affiliation with SharpCFO ended and all my services for CFO and transition advisory/business sale were brought under Vend Advisors.

I truly enjoy networking with professionals and learning about others’ businesses and learning about the businesses of clients to serve on various projects.  Vend Advisors values to be authentic, kind, admirable, and act with integrity in all that is done.  Being a member of NOBBA has been beneficial and I look forward to building strong relationships.

Rob Simon
Vend Advisors LLC
Cell (440) 265-9172